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November 1, 2015

Johanna Ortiz

Johanna Ortiz has quickly become one of my favorite new designers. If her name sounds unfamiliar to you, it's highly probable her designs are not. Her Tulum top sparked thousands of likes across the web from the Instagrams of Man Repeller, Olivia Palermo, Vogue, Moda O'perandi and every other blogger fortunate enough to score the sold out piece. Being my style is super feminine, I die over the large ruffles, off-the-shoulder tops, floral peplums and structural skirts.

   Spring 2016

This Spring collection is one of my favorites. It's very understandable, which I love, and it is something that can be worn to work, dinner or an event. Plus, no one loves an off-the-shoulder look more than me. Being that I am a super impatient person, I could not wait to test this look, so I decided to find a way to re-create this luxurious look from a top in my closet. I  used a men's button down and started to experiment.

How to Create the Look:

You want to make sure the top is both large and long enough. If it is snug, the top will become cropped, which can be chic, but not what I was going for with this look (we will get to that later).  I also want to create lots of volume in the sleeves to replicate the same voluminous ruffles seen in the collection.

Starting to button from the bottom, you can gauge how much needs to come off the shoulders based  on the length of your torso. Place the collar off the shoulders and button from the bottom to the top until the top covers you from the chest down. 

What is looks like from the back. 

Scrunch up the sleeves for a voluminous effect. I fastened the buttons at the wrist so I would not have to fold any of the sleeves to secure it in place and lose the ruffled look. 

You can also tie the top under the chest to crop it. I tucked the hanging fabric from the tie under the top.

Voila! A final look with some extra accessories. 

In no way is this a replacement for Ortiz's amazing tops and dresses! I have every intention of getting my hands on a piece from her collection, but for now I will use this as a constant reminder to keep a look out in the Spring for her designs.

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