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December 28, 2015

Vacation Ahead

I have been looking forward to my holiday vacation for a while now. Holidays can be stressful and super busy. Fortunately, this vacation was planned and now I can begin my official relaxation time. While my  destination will be in the Caribbean, I made a quick overnight stop in Miami and enjoyed the sun and sights. I love Miami. It fuses culture, nightlife and the energy of New York into a never ending summer in South Beach. Being that I ate plenty over the holidays, I chose to wear a one piece swimsuit to feel a bit more concealed  than my normal two piece look. I thought the grommets and see through lace added a flair that cannot be found in your normal bikini. I took pictures of some of my favorite sights and looks of the day. The short trip proved successful and got me in the mindset to jump start a leisurely and wonderful week on vaca.


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