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January 6, 2016

Baby, it's Cold Outside

Wow it is cold outside! There are not enough layers that can keep you warm from 11 degree weather. I was hopeful a puffer vest and wool sweater would do the trick, and while it did its job for a bit , after twenty minutes I ran into a nearby coffee shop on Bleecker for a hot latte.  I kept chilly a bit longer than I wanted because I wanted to share pics of my new favorite winter look. I love wearing leggings in the winter, but I have a difficult time finding tops long enough to keep my leggings look like wannabe pants. Ureka! The men's button down has become my answer to this mystery. A mens button down works with all my sweaters and thin enough to layer without the bulkyness under a wooly pullover. Adding extra layers I piled on the fabrics and paired it with a patent shoulder bag for a bit pizzazz. Chilly but chic!


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