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January 26, 2016

The Essentials

Days always begin with The Essentials. These are cosmetics you wear almost everyday and beauty products you could not live without. Whether it is an amazing liquid eyeliner from Stila or the Benefit mascara that swears by its falsey effects, the "essential" products are part of every female's cosmetic collection. Shopping for some new cosmetics this weekend, I realized I rarely deviate from my everyday look. Every morning I swipe on a coat of mascara, a puff of blush and a tap of concealer. This is all I need to head out the door and feel fresh for the work day ahead. I wish I was one of those girls who woke up early to experiment with eyeshadow, lip glosses and bronzer. I admire girls who don different looks depending on their moods and nightly plans. I have accepted the fact I will never be one of those girls and have stuck to my morning beauty routine for the past ten years. Below are the key "essentials" that have kept me going, While I personally do not wear much makeup, there are some items that help along the quest to being beauteous. The Essentials

The quintessential handbag-Chanel 2.55. A true timeless, classic piece. I prefer to find my designer handbags at consignment stores, but I would never say no to a new one:) Black might be a go-to for most, but I prefer navy. A nice, subtle pop like navy works with most outfits and adds a bit more glamour to the otherwise black bag.
Chanel handbag

Ryan Storer is one of my favorite new jewelry designers. No, this might not be an everyday essential, but it is certainly an essential I would wear out on the weekends. This ear cuff is one I have my eye on. An ear cuff is a great alternative to a chandelier earring and gives an edgy, sophisticated look to any ensemble.
Ryan Storer stud earrings
$305 -

Another favorite, Lulu Frost, designs great jewelry. If you have noticed on my blog posts, I am a huge fan of chandelier earrings. I would definitely consider them to be an essential accessory in my wardrobe.
Lulu Frost opal earrings

A red lip please! A swipe of red creates instant high energy. It may seem cliché, but red lips make you feel more confident and beautiful. I like this Nars crayon. It goes on smoothly and has a deep, red hue that works nicely against my skin. It is the color I wear in most blog posts when donning a dark hue. 
Nars cosmetic

Pink blush compliments all skin tones. I have been wearing pink blush on my cheeks for years. I recently switched to this Mac color and really feel it brightens up my face. The best part- it stays on all day. A rarity in the world of powder blush.
Mac cosmetic

Another essential in my bag- concelear. I inherited dark circles and in order to combat them I must use a concelear daily. I wish water and sleep would instantly fight away the dark clouds beneath my eyes, but sadly it doesn't work that way. I have been using this Mac concelear for a while now. I like the creamy texture and its smooth application.
Mac cosmetic

High Impact mascara please! I love Clinique mascara. I have been using it for years. It is lengthening and voluminous without creating spidery eyelashes. Added bonus, it comes off with soap and water in the shower! It is a great product for my otherwise sensitive skin.
Clinique mascara
$25 -

English pear and freshia has been a favorite of mine since I moved to NYC. I fell in love with the Jo Malone store in the West Village years ago. Not only do I own the perfume and the body lotion, but I like to burn the candle on cold nights. It instantly returns you to warm Spring days.
Jo Malone fragrance

Tocca scents are great for the go! I love the body cleansers to keep the scent with me when I am on the run. In addition to the cleanser, I also like to have a roller ball on hand for late nights when you have been dancing and your scent may wear off.
Tocca body cleanser
$21 -

I own these Crabtree Evelyn hand creams in all scents. They fit perfectly in my bag and are perfect for the dry, winter days. They are incredibly moisturizing and come in yummy favors.


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