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March 7, 2016

Brookfield Sunday

Friends are always asking me about the latest and greatest when it comes to destinations in the city. It is a pleasure of mine to relay information on the newest restaurant, hottest bar or the trendiest shopping excursion. So when Brookfield Place, an upscale mall, opened down the street from my apartment, I couldn't wait to tell everyone!

 This newly opened city attraction has breathed new life into the downtown area. What was once an empty unit, has now been filled with fancy stores, delicious eateries and a wonderful food hall.

  In addition to the many stores, Brookfield also houses a group of fantastic, fast-food stops which can only be found in NYC. Mighty Quinn's, Tartiney, Blue Ribbon Sushi and Num Pang come together to make up this high-end food hall on the second floor of Brookfield Mall.  
I moved to the city with excitement of city living and staying clear of any suburban traits. However, Brookfield became part of the lower Manhattan landscape. It is unlike any mall you have been to and will remain a key attraction on the downtown scene.
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