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March 22, 2016

Cali Trip Step One: Packing the Wadrobe

I am an expert packer. It is a skill that not many master. It is time consuming, tedious and not much fun. In light of an upcoming trip to Napa with my boyfriend, I will be posting on all my packing secrets and how to be a better packer. This specific posts beings at the start: what to wear.

So with a trip to sunny California on the horizon, where I will be touring Napa, San Francisco and Carmel, I knew warm, sunny weather was in my forecast.

Step 1: Brainstorm a color palette

Try to stick with the same hue. This will make things much less complicated when dressing in the morning. Everything will match and you will have a cohesive wardrobe for your trip.

Step 2: Manage your bottoms

This means stick with only a couple pairs of pants/shorts/skirts. No need to pack that extra pair of jeans. Denim is bulky, heavy and generally all look alike. I know you have been dying to wear your new distressed jeans, but I promise you need to be smart when packing for the bottom half. Only bring bottoms that can be worn multiple times and for multiple occasions.

Step 3: Limit your shoes to three

One for comfort, one for fancy dinners, and one for casual days.

These are three main rules I like to stick by. However, before even starting I begin playing dress up from my own closet. This helps eliminate poor decision making during crunch time hours before you leave and helps gain a better idea of how you want to dress during your vacation. Here are some options I came up with while shopping my closet:

I like this hippie look. I am definitely channeling my mom from the 70s. It feel very San Fran to me (whatever that mean). Not sure if these shoes will be very comfortable though...


A perfect example of what happens when packing. I love this little jacket. I have had it in my closet for a couple months now. It is super cute, but will serve no purpose past wearing it with a black tank. On to the next look!

On to the right track. I love a good ruffle and these shoes are super versatile. The straw bag is perfect for summer nights and Caribbean vacas, but not for a Northern Cali trip. Maybe change the bag... 

With all that changing I finally found some great picks for my upcoming trip.  Stay tuned for the final ensembles when I blog from California this coming weekend!


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