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August 9, 2016

Olympics, New York Style

As the Olympics approached in the past week, I was coerced by my boyfriend into watching the Olympic trials of track and field. I honestly never carried too much interest in sports. My lanky limbs and poor eye-hand coordination never did me any favors when it came to athletics. However, I do enjoy watching top athletes go head to head to win that gold medal. So when I stumbled upon Pier 26 on the Hudson, I discovered Citi's "Rio on the Hudson" to celebrate the Olympic games.

The "Olympic village", as I like to call it, includes live streaming of the games, a sand volleyball court, an outdoor bar, food stands, interactive golf and an indoor food/bar area. The city spared no expense when putting together this interactive, Olympic experience. 

The Olympic pier is built directly in front of City Vineyard, a new hot spot for the cool, corporate crowd looking for reprieve from the stuffy city. If you have been following my insta-stories, City Vineyard will not be new to you, but that is reserved for another post later on in the week.
The "Olympic Village" will last through the remaining time of the Olympics, so be sure to take 1/2/3 down to Chambers and experience this super cool set up. Relax by the water or even watch a game on the huge flat screen television while watching the sun set on the Hudson.  
Hope to see you there!
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