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September 27, 2016


I am lucky to call Blair Breitenstein a friend. It is not everyday you meet a talented artist whose work has been featured in almost every important fashion publication in the world including Harper's Bazaar, The NY Post, Teen Vogue and Allure. If you are still not sure who Blair is, you may know her by the name Blairz. This emerging New York artist with 90K Instagram followers is quickly becoming a household name. Her portfolio is filled with whimsical and sophisticated works inspired by high fashion, glamazons of the past and the many celebutants walking the red carpet. The work is highly coveted by fashionistas who enjoy colorful portraits of their favorite designs and favorite fashion imagery.

When you are experiencing the success only so many artists do like Blair,  collaborations become the norm and celebrating these collaborations are tried and true events in the city. So when the W Hotel in Union Square hosted the opening for one of her collaborations, I was first to arrive and share in the excitement.

MDDS or M Dot Design Studio chose to work with Blair to create a line of slip dresses and patches for one of their collections. This studio collaborates with artists to create uniquely curated items quarterly throughout the year. The two artists used Valley of the Dolls as an inspiration for creating the collection. Pulling influence from the blonde bombshells of the 60s, Blair printed the looks on the MDDS slip dresses and created patches from Blair's work to make up the looks offered at the show. 

Not only is Blair a friend of mine, but I am also a major fan. For my anniversary last year, my fiance surprised me with three of her works which now hang in our living room. It is only a matter of time before Blairz becomes a worldwide name, used by interior designers for homes, hotels and restaurants. It is my recommendation to buy one of her works sooner than later. Not only as a good investment, but something beautiful for your home and your life. 

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