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November 6, 2016


Kemi Gadaleta, owner and founder of Kemi Designs is my kind of girl. A true creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, she worked to build her own jewelry company that has been featured in the likes of Refinery29 and The New York Times. Her handmade pieces each embody her spirit, a bohemian vibe with a causal cool that only so many people truly carry. When I first met Kemi, I immediately felt the passion she had for her designs and her ambition to share her work with the world. It is always a delight to meet fellow entrepreneurs and I especially love when we can share in the challenges in working towards both personal and professional goals. Kemi derives inspiration from her many travels across the world, using various cultures and experiences to create her many designs.

Being The New York Blonde, Kemi was kind enough to gift me one of her most popular pieces, the We Built This City ring, representing the sprawling skyscrapers of the great city of New York. I have been wearing this piece for the few months now, both as a token to the city I love and a classic addition to my everyday jewelry wardrobe. As for all of her pieces, they are perfect for everyday wear and great to layer and stack as well. In addition to this best selling style, she offers various designs across all jewelry categories with price points ranging from under $100 to styles over $3000 for fine jewelry items. 

I guarantee you will find something to suit both your price point and style, which is why Kemi Design's is perfect for just about anyone looking for a personal gift or a present for a favorite in your life. Best of all, you can contact Kemi to personalize an item, creating a truly original piece of jewelry. It is only a matter of time before Kemi Designs becomes a household name, of course, only in the coolest and hippest of households that is:)

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  1. That ring is awesome! I bet it looks amazing on long, elegant hands... mine a short and chubby, so not sure if I could get away with it!

  2. I am sure it would look great on you Elishia! It is perfect as a New York token for an English girl!


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