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January 8, 2017


Susan Shek is a doer, someone who took a passion and turned it into a full time, successful and flourishing career. This is a female who continues to grow her ever-expanding photography company. Not only is her work outstanding, she just happens to also be my wedding photographer :)

If you happen to consistently browse my blog (I hope you do!), it should be of no surprise that I tend to favor female entrepreneurs. Women who take the reins on their passions and create professions from pure ambition are not only inspiring to myself but to scores of other females looking to follow their own dreams. I recently caught up with Susan and discussed her thriving business as she provided insights like when she decided to take a leap of faith and start her company...or simply finding your perfect selfie:

When did you first begin photographing? Was it something you were always passionate about, or was it a hobby that you decided to make into a career?
I grew up in a very tech savvy household. My father always had the latest gadgets. He brought home cameras sometimes and I always had a love for taking pictures with my point and shoot or polaroid camera.
I started dabbing in night club photography when I was taking pictures of the people having fun and the DJs spinning a good set. Then my friends from college started getting married and needed a wedding photographer but they didn’t know where to look, so they asked me to photograph it. From there and 11 years later I’m still in love with weddings and capturing love.

At what point did you feel secure in your business? Was there a turning point where you felt your business could be a full time career?
During the third year of my photography business, I started getting a lot of referrals and repeat clients who wanted me to also photograph their maternity and family photos, that’s how I knew my business was going to continue to be successful. I took a leap and spent a lot in advertising to get where I am now.
In your first year of freelancing, how did you continue to stay focused?  What did you do to persevere during more difficult times in the beginning ?
It’s all about trial and error. You can’t give up something you are truly passionate about. I love finding those moments in between and the moments that you could so easily forget. I wanted to capture all of it. I always had people tell me I couldn’t make a hobby my job, but I didn’t listen to them.
Since it is the holiday season and many of us will be taking photos of friends and holiday outfit selfies, any photographing advice?
Find your angle, look into a mirror and practice your best. Make sure you have a fun festive outfit on too!

Below is some of Susan's fantastic work, courtesy of myself and my fiancé from our engagement photo session.
For more information on Susan, please visit her website at
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  1. Thank you for the feature and choosing me to be your wedding photographer! Can't wait to come back and go dancing with you and take more fun photos for your blog! 💕

    1. Thank you so much Susan! Can't wait to see you again!!!


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