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January 3, 2017


 After a six day stint, I arrived back home to chilly temps and gray clouds, but still so happy to be back in my own apartment! In case you happened to totally disregard my Insta posts, my fiancĂ© and I took a wonderful trip to sunny Maui to celebrate the holiday season. It was a nice reprieve from the chilly temps on the east coast. Swimming in the ocean in December is always a treat and never ceases to amaze me. The blue waters, warm winds and swinging palm trees are no match for snow, rain and sleet in the Northeast. I am so excited to share with you not only our trip, but my top recommends for anyone planning a vacation to Maui, Hawaii.

Stay: We chose to book our five night stay at the Andaz Maui. This newly finished resort focuses on contemporary finishes with a modern feel. Perfect for a couple looking to steer clear of water slides and amusement park features that would otherwise be found at more kid-friendly spot. A high recommend for a couple searching for relaxation during the winter months.

Do: Hawaii is a destination that you can really make your own. For the adventurous types there is plenty of hikes, nature walks and hidden waterfalls to satisfy your thrill seeking personality. For the relaxing folks, there is never a need to really leave your hotel as long as a beach chair and a cool breeze satisfies you. As for my fiancé and I, we chose to meet in the middle. Our stay was balanced with beach naps and mountain hikes perfect to experience both sides of Maui.

Maui Easy Riders: I must say, I was a bit skeptical when we booked this Road to Hana tour. An all day excursion sounded far from pleasant when I could be lounging on the beach. However, even a city girl such as myself could get behind this awesome, mountainous, scene satisfying journey up the hills of Maui. The sights we saw and the hikes we walked were anything but beyond glorious. This all day adventure is the perfect answer to break up the relaxing beach days and enjoy the Hawaiian nature.

Eat: Who wouldn't expect the freshest, ripest and most wonderful farm-to-table options when eating in Maui. The locally grown fruits and vegetables are nothing short from amazing and if you aren't eating the catch of the day, you really need to upgrade your foodie game. We made a res at some great restaurants, perfect for the Hawaiian fix we were seeking when sitting down to dinner.

Ka'ana Kitchen: Situated in the Andaz Maui, this restaurant offers the freshest Hawaiian options. I am not one for hotel fooderies. I prefer to venture outside tourist ridden areas to discover more locally sourced options. Just because a "star chef' writes the menu, doesn't always mean it is the most authentic to the region. Ka'ana however does an all-star job here. Fresh fish and locally grown veggies make up this delicious menu.

Monkeypod: A local favorite, this spot was just a few minutes off the Waliea strip. Again, fresh offerings all the way on this diverse menu. Unlike other spots in Maui that focus on a specific genre, this menu had a multitude of options. Lobster pizza, potato gnocchi, and shrimp dumplings were just some of the highlights we enjoyed during our meal. The crowd was a good mix of locals and tourists and the place was packed. Always a good sign the food is solid and keeps the neighbors returning.

Capishe: Inside Hotel Waliea, the menu here is printed daily to reflect the freshest options of the day. Superb service and a cozy outdoor setting, this makes for a great date spot. I especially loved the vintage vibes of this boutique hotel, with a cliff side view and low slung trees, it was perfect for a romantic night out.

Maui nights and Maui days are sure to leave any tourist feeling refreshed and ready to head home to face a new year. The only complaint I can make is of the 9 hour flight back home, leaving me tortuously tired for the next day. It was well worth the flight, but if only I could have stayed just a bit longer....

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  1. Wow! I need to go to Hawaii sometime. x

    1. It was so magical! Definitely a recommend!

  2. Oh my gosh - this is absolutely gorgeous! Loving all the photos, need some sunshine now haha! :)

    Layla xx

    1. It was so beautiful! All this winter now is making me want to go back NOW!

  3. Love your bikinis!! Trip looked amazing!!!

    1. Ahhh, thank you! I am loving anything and everything high waist!


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