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February 7, 2017


Valentine’s Day has never been a favorite holiday of mine. It would have been beneficial for cupid to be born in June rather than February. At least by June there is a new swimsuit or summer time accessory that I would have been lusting after for a few months. Celebrating another gift-giving holiday so close to Christmas and Hanukkah always seemed silly. I know this seems selfish, but you know its true. It is hard enough to communicate what you really wanted for the holidays to your man, but now you must do it only two months later. In an effort to prevent future disappointments and confusion I thought of some ways to cleverly and effectively communicate the lust-worthy gifts you would prefer to have for Valentine’s Day  over the lingerie set and box of chocolates you actually have no use for in your closet or kitchen.

1. Hint
Yes, I would like to think a hint would work. How many times have we mentioned, "Hey, Dave Matthews is playing downtown in June. That would be a great concert to attend" or "Bloomingdales is having a sale on Uggs, specifically in size 7.5:)". We can only hope our man truly comprehends these passing mentions. It can work if you drop enough hints and really hone in on the wanted object or experience. 

2. Create a Pinterest Board
This might sound odd, but I actually got the idea from a friend. She created a Pineterst board solely dedicated for gift giving. The board is actually called "Gifts I Want From My Boyfriend". It seems pushy, but sometimes it is best to be as direct as possible. Either send him the link or leave the page on the computer before he signs on after work. It should be obvious to him what the board means. It is best to include many different types of presents at all price points too. You will certainly be surprised, but will always get exactly what you want! (example here-PINTEREST BOARD)

3. Love Notes
Not to be confused with a love letter, love notes are little messages you stick in his pant pockets before he leaves work. Little love notes are always appreciated, unexpected and loved by most men from the women who love them. Normally love notes include messages like "miss you", "can't wait to see you", but being that this is a how-to on gifting love notes may include, "loving that silver bracelet and you!" or "wish you were here with a new puppy". You can get creative with this one, but I like to think it is a bit less aggressive and a sweeter way to blatantly ask for something. 

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