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April 24, 2017


This past weekend I decided to spend my time searching for the ultimate Bridal shower look. I scoured midtown department stores, headed to high-street spots on Broadway and ducked into my favorite consignment stores searching for the perfect, ivory ensemble. After lots of deliberation and decision-making I ended up with...well I ended up with nothing.  I couldn't get past the lacy frocks, chiffon sheaths and silk slip dresses that made up most of the assortments. I initially assumed I would stumble upon the perfect look complete with white embroidery, tiered ruffles and a little bow. I naturally gravitate towards super feminine looks with delicate treatments including, but not limited to floral prints, soft layers and light fabrics. I was surprised I was having such a difficult time, but I figured I would narrow it down and provide some options that may or may not show up in pictures on the day of my Bridal shower.

This J.Crew number was just released and I felt it was perfect for the occasion. I loved the mini white silhouette with a jacquard floral print throughout. I was not sold on the overall fit of the dress, but it was certainly a contender. If I decide to move forward with this look I want to pair it was some fun pearl sandals, tasseled handbag and beaded bon-bon earrings in the look below. 

 Club Monaco has been  my go-to for occasion dressing lately. I rarely have problems finding the perfect look at Club, so I was super frustrated when I had difficulty in finding a dress for my shower. I only found a few choices that I felt were worth taking into the dressing room. This blue off-the-shoulder look was a personal favorite. I loved the ruffle tiers and blue stripe. Weather permitting, this would be perfect for a warm, sunny day. 

I also tried on two other looks, but neither struck my fancy for my big Bridal shower day. I love the white jumpsuit, but it didn't feel right for an occasion celebrating my upcoming nuptials.

This Fame and Partner two piece is amazing! I love the ruffles and hi-lo hem, but I might be showing a bit too much skin for a Bridal shower. I am undecided on this option, but I know it will be a keeper regardless of wearing it for my celebration or another celebratory event. 

While I haven't found my Bridal shower look, I'll keep my eyes peeled for all the new spring arrivals sure to hit stores in the next two weeks. In the meantime, there is no harm in shopping for other wardrobe additions in the process:)



  1. LOVE all those outfits, but that off-the-shoulder dress is perfect! you look amazing!
    have a great day!

    1. Yes! I love that style too! I feel like I might need an all white look though..


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