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April 8, 2017


If you live in New York, you already know this little secret: everyone is in killer shape. It's true I am not lying. In case you haven't been to a Soul Cycle or victimized yourself with a crushing workout at a Tone House class, a six pack hides behind your random subway neighbor. I remember the first time I went to a Soul Cycle and was amazed that everyone in the class was effortlessly keeping up with the instructor. It was then I realized I needed to get in shape and figure out how to prioritize exercise. Not just for trend purposes, but to keep fit for my spring crop top wearing and slip dress toting outfits. These are my favorite workout spots and while some may debate over what workout is best, this works for me. Oh, and I also provided the "what to wear" portion, because, lets face it, in New York we still care about our outfits even if we are sweating it out:)

How many times do you need to hear about this spin obsessed craze going on throughout the nation and now the world. Soul Cycle loyalists are a bit of a cult with all their rhythmic, synchronized spinning. So I will say I am a bit biased because there is a Soul Cycle literally across the street from my apartment, so the ease of the commute is also part of the reason I hit the bike a few times a week. I won't ignore the fact however, I always work up a healthy sweat and burn a copious amount of calories while cycling to Jay, Bey and Justin (both Timberlake and Bieber). 

Ahhh, the famed gym that gets publicity left and right. T and I have been coming to this gym before it became "the gym" to be seen. Yes, Victoria Secret angels walk in throughout the day and top models and actresses work out there, but you will quickly get distracted by the aggressive workouts and boxing sessions. This spot only opened a year ago and it has become the go-to for a good downtown workout for the trendy, in-the-know crowd. Best of all, the hype is not a facade. I guarantee you will get you butt kicked and may or may not be able to walk correctly for a few days with so many different workouts that "smash" your body.  And the family vibes developed from a staff that really gets to know you is the cherry on top and another differentiating factor for this “it” gym that I love.

Never heard of BoCo? It is kind of an insider known class for the aerobic, strength-training type of woman. This class is perfect for that ex-Cheerleader or college dance team participant who misses the arm waving, leg jumping and booty shaking of years past. It is a perfect full body workout that hits all the issues we are desperately trying to tighten and tone. I especially love that BoCo can be streamed to your device for a workout in the home. The workouts are segmented by a targeted body part which works perfectly when Soul Cycle doesn't exactly hit your abs, no matter how much you "engage your core", and a training sesh didn't work the booty as much as you wanted. I've used BoCo on vacays, when heading home for a parent visit and in my apartment on rainy days. 

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