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April 13, 2017


In all honesty, I am not sure what the preconceived notions are of the Upper West Side. Before moving to New York, I just assumed all the ladies who lunched lived on the Upper East Side, along with Gossip Girl cast-like characters and Voguettes. It wasn't until I moved to Manhattan that I realized how wrong I was and the Upper West Side is meant for well-off families, modern contemporary couples and life-long Manhattanites. Whether you are taking in the Opera at Lincoln Center or heading to the sold-out Seinfeld show at the Beacon Theater, the Upper West Side offers more than enough options to keep anyone fully engaged for a lifetime. Being that I consider myself quite a shopping expert, and I love sharing my shopping finds, the Upper West Side boasts some excellent options that are a bit more accessible and realistic than the Upper East Side's Madison Avenue high-end boutiques.

Let me start off by providing some insight into the UWS. Unlike it's neighboring Upper East Side, it offers many more commercial options and store fronts found in suburbia. Zara, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, and Century 21 line the streets of the West Side, making shopping a bit easier on the wallet than Bergdorfs, Barneys (which is also on the UWS), and Saks Fifth Avenue. I sometimes prefer the UWS to the UES for the modesty of its inhabitants. Women dress a bit more downtown chic than uptown funk and embrace high-end with high-street, similar to the Tribeca moms and West Village couples of lower Manhattan.

Shoppers: Fancy Families, recently married well-off 30-something couples and mid-forty year olds still holding onto to their downtown cool
Price: $$-$$$$
Highlighted Stores
Not so much one store, but a compliation of sorts that pulls in even the neighborhood regular. I personally like the Time Warner Center for a number of reasons; easy access to the 1-2-3 train line, proximity to the park, and the view from high above. It isn't to say you can't find a H&M, J.Crewor Stuart Weitzman elsewhere, but I find mall shopping a novelty in the city. For the average tourist, this is a go-to for the Columbus Circle attraction, not necessarily the shopping. However, no matter where I am heading near the area, I am always bound to duck into the shops and discover something to buy. Plus, if you really hate commercial shopping, just step inside the Mandarin Oriental next door for some light fare and take in the incredible views from above.
I know, I know, why would I highlight the off-price stop with stores throughout the nation. The Upper West Side TJ Maxx locations are much more special than the average neighborhood shop. TJ Maxx products are allocated by neighborhood and since New York has one of the highest income averages in the nation- the assortment has a direct correlation. Find Valentino, Gucci, Tory Burch, Vince, Theory, the list goes on and on. I have scored some of my best finds at these locations and boast to all my friends about my found treasures. I know, it seems so unoriginal to list TJ Maxx as a place to go in one of the shopping meccas in the world. However, if you remain price conscious, but still are looking for a one-of-a-kind item, take a quick peak at this TJ's and please share with me your new, awesome find!

Yes, the furniture stored owned by the former mentioned. I need to make note here, why I include Homegoods as a must-see. This is the only individually operated Homegoods in the city. This might be one of the few times where I have suburbia envy. There is nowhere else in the city where you can truly shop off-price furniture and home supplies. I sometimes wish I could just register at Homegoods for all their wonderful bedroom bureaus, nightstand tables, and lighting options. It is definitely worth the hike up to 100th street to scour the shelves for new bath products and wall decor.

The Upper West Side is filled with small boutiques filled with highly edited and curated collections. There is no dearth of spending options in this family neighborhood. The great thing about the UWS is the blend of commercial stores and independently owned boutiques. However, in all honesty, the department stores of the UES rival the boutiques of the UWS both in assortment and sometimes service. I could go on and on about these specialized shops with luxury brands, but I personally would skip the confused commotion here and stick with the above mentioned or just head to the UES for the serious dough-dropping spender.

And in case you were curious as what to wear for the Upper West Side, this ensemble is perfect for heading uptown! A classic denim jumper with a fashionable tote and pop accent accessories makes for a great ensemble when blending in with the chic women of the UWS neighborhood. I love this look for its modern vibes, but overall conservative feel. 



  1. Love your outfit here! And thanks for the tips...I'll have to check it out next time I'm in NY!

    1. Thanks so much Mary! Oddly enough Tj Maxx is a great spot to hit while visiting the city!

  2. amazing post :)
    happy Easter :)


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