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July 20, 2017


There is nothing better than New York City in the summertime. You can feel the city come alive whether it is at a rooftop bar, an outdoor market, or walking the streets amid the blooming trees.  Simply put, everything seems a bit brighter during the summer season. Throughout the year I eagerly anticipate the warm weather and the many activities that are offered throughout Manhattan. Being a downtown gal myself, there are so many summertime things to do and events to attend, but there are a few places that remain my personal favorites each year. I was so excited to partner with Parker NYC in a 3 part series of all my favorite downtown summer spots. I'll be sharing all week and this is my first must-see visit of the series. 

Situated at the corner of Bowery and Great Jones Street in Noho, this outdoor mini-market houses some of my favorite food joints in the city. Sushi on Jones, Alidoro, Oaxaca Comida Calle, and Parantha Alley are all vendors serving some of the best bites in the area. Don't be fooled by their tiny kitchens – these menus pack a big punch. Lunch is definitely the height of their busy time, so it is best to beat the crowds during dinner and order an assortment of options from the various vendors. You could even say this rivals some of the more famous restaurants surrounding this East side gem. 

(Sponsored by Parker NYC, all opinions are my own)
(Dress: Parker NYC, Hat: Infirenze, Handbag, Aeron Studio, Shoes: Zara)

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