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July 5, 2017


At least twice a month over the course of the summer, I pack up and head out of the city for the weekend. Whether it's to my parent's beach house, the Hamptons or the North Fork; I am always on the go. Similar to many of you, I tire of the constant packing and unpacking. I chose to simplify this conflict and find an easy solution as opposed to frantically throwing toiletries and outfits into a suitcase. These are some of my quick tips and tricks to feel confidently stylish when leaving your home for a weekend getaway.

First and foremost starts with my skincare essentials. I hate traveling with large jars and full size tubes of creams so I found a simpler way to tote around all my skincare needs. Grab your favorite products in sample sizes that will easily cover you for your two-day trip. These are some of my favorite products which are always fully stocked in both large sizes and sample sizes in my bathroom cabinet.

Easy Dressing
Packing stylish looks is always stressful on a time constraint. Choose two colors that will seamlessly match together regardless of your outfit. I personally love white and blue, but any two hues will work. This ensures easy outfit choosing and makes it much easier to find accessories.

Carry All
I have to admit- I use my Nike backpack for weekend travel. If you are like me and feel you are always on the go, staying stylish will go out the window when lugging around your looks. I always recommend packing light and nothing is easier than toting around a backpack. These suggestions are much chicer and lack an emblazoned "Do It" logo.


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