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July 30, 2017


Finally, a new spot has opened that will satisfy even the pickiest of girlfriends, the most stuck-up of financier types and anyone that sticks their nose up to the next themed cocktail lounge. Bar Moga first opened in April on Houston Street, taking over what was once a rowdy, beer bar and replaced with a sleek, sophisticated and elegant cocktail lounge in Greenwich Village. Led by an alum from hot-spots such as Little Branch, Milk & Honey (RIP) and The Ship, this drink menu features similar heavy-hitting, tasty libations that will not disappoint. Best of all, the food menu offers similar options from sister spot Sakamai, acting as an extension of its Japanese influenced dishes.

Overview: The social scenesters are quick to follow the newest spot and Bar Moga has been the leader of the pack. Find your next crush at this downtown jaunt which fills in from neighboring Soho, Noho and the West Village. Expect creative tycoons, media agency execs and the grad school cutie from nearby NYU.

What to Wear: 

First Date: This all depends on the intention when visiting this new upscale, downtown lounge. I tend to favor the flirtier, feminine dress when heading on a first date. Greenwich village lends itself to a younger, lively crowd so embrace the borough and don an ensemble that reflects the youth of its neighbors with the sophistication of Manhattan. 

Drinks with the girls: One-piece dressing has never had so many options this season, which is why it is has become my go-to for nights on the town. Choose a bold color to stand out and pair it with an embellished sandal. You will need an Insta-chic look when photographing the baroque-themed, golden glam wall paper in the back of the bar.

What to Order:

Drink: Grab my personal fav, a Queens Park Sizzle to quench your thirst for a fruity and refreshing beverage. If you are in a dark and stormy kind of mood, be sure to order their signature cocktail, The Moga. For every purchase of this drink $1 is donated to the ACLU or Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Who knew drinking could also be charitable?

Food: While I have not officially dined here, my handy dandy Yelp reviewers have been loving the Omurice. The layered dish of eggs and chicken rice with a demi-glaze sauce is perfect for any date-night goer.

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