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September 19, 2017


The Soho House crowd might be considered the highest level of "cool"in the city. This exclusive club is reserved for artists, creative types and top techies looking for reprieve from their city lives filled with interesting friends, sought after careers and long work days. To the many that belong, this "house" is part of their everyday lives, but to those who remain outsiders, it symbolizes a sense of "cool" most New Yorkers aspire to when moving to the big city.

Overview: Attractive folks ranging in age from 18 (rich kids synodrome here) to 50+ (divorced perhaps?). Regardless of age, their wardrobes reign supreme in this darkly lit, sexy interior designed space.

What to Wear: This has to be the ultimate question for anyone lucky enough for the golden ticket invite into this elusive and exclusive place. No one wants to look like an outsider looking in from the outside. Forgo your logo handbag and toss aside those Louboutins, this is not the place. Find your most bad-ass leather jacket and vintage piece when grabbing drinks with your friends in-the-know.

Option 1:
Pair a somewhat oversize leather jacket with a fitted outfit. I chose this vintage fisherman sweater and silk maxi for an after-work look. The black on black with an ivory pop is a perfect muted color palette when blending in with all those fashionistas.

Option 2:
For those venturing out during the weekend, I am loving all things kimono. This option from Zara is a great layering item that may or may not be a vintage throwback. A classic tee and distressed denim make it all that more on-trend.


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