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November 21, 2017


There is nothing better to me than giving an amazing present to a friend. I love seeing the expression on her face as she opens something I just know she will love. Gifting might be one of my favorite things to do, but I give a ton of thought to these presents. I rarely succumb to the measly gift certificate, Amex money card or even a hum-drum candle. The greatest part of gifting is the challenge of searching for that "just-right" product. I consider myself a great-gifter and because of that, I wanted to share some of my hidden gem gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Facials, massages, manicures, pedircures and the occasional body scrub can run the gamut in pricing. New York City has a huge range of options, and it isn't always so easy to find a relaiable source when choosing. I love giving the gift of a massage of facial, because in all honest, who doesn't love a spa treatment. For a friend in need of some R&R, I like to head to Groupon in search of a treatment. They have some great deals and a huge assortment of options. I personally go to the Asanda Aveda Spa, but find one with some solid ratings and you are sure to be good to go.

My biggest secret for holiday shopping... take advantage of those black Friday sales. Fortunelty, the concept of "black Friday" can basically go to the wayside. Retailers are beginning black Friday earlier and earlier. I have already made my list of "wants" at the Net-a-Porter sale. Scour the web and find the best of the best before it's gone at a fraction of the price.

I know, people always ask me... "Do people still shop on Ebay"? My answer to them is "yes"! At least I still shop on Ebay. I love waiting until the last two minutes of an auction to start my bidding. Is it sad I get an adrenaline rush from an Ebay auction? Anyway, I have found some amazing finds in my Ebay searches and started gifting them throughout the year. Hard to find Rebecca de Ravenel earrings, New With Tags Burberry scarves and unusual artwork have all been great gifts throughout my holidays. Below are just some auctions I've had my eye on for the last week now:)

Etsy is a gold mine when it comes to gifts. I used Etsy for Bridal gifting, housewarming presents and even gifts for my now husband. The assortment is vast and deep, so it can become a bit frustrating at times. These are some of my favorite vendors that I keep coming back to for sure-fire success during the gifting season.



  1. Wow!! You look beautiful dear <33 lovely style :)
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  2. Love this guide girl, so helpful! I'm so in love with your Etsy finds, it's so easy for me to go down a rabbit hole on that site haha! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving <3

    XO, Jessi

  3. Oh I love your shirt, so feminine!!
    Have a good evening! :)
    Olivia <3

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  5. all those sales at the moment are just crazy but i actually got some much christmas shopping done.

  6. Love your outfit! Ebay dress and bag are really cute!

  7. Your blouse is so gorgeous. I love the dark red against your blonde hair.. STUNNING!

    xx Lisa |

  8. These are really lovely products dear. Thanks for sharing. Btw, that top is gorgeous! Realy perfect on you.

    Jessica |

  9. I love etsey so much. It is full of unique gifts.


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