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April 13, 2018

My Top 3 Can't Miss NYC Cocktail Lounges (and What to Wear When Going)

SWEATER: Hellessy | PANTS: MANOUSH (sold out, but I like these too) | SHOES: Aquazarra | JEWELRY: Uno de 50 | HANDBAG: Celine Dion (has not been released yet)

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of drinking holes in NYC. It feels like there is always a new "hot spot" opening at any given moment. Years ago it was Death & Co, once it was Slowly Shirley and at some point everyone went to Employees Only. The options are endless, but there are always a few places I keep returning to as my favorites in the mix.

The Wayland
Down in Alphabet city lies one of my favorite drinking spots in Manhattan. Some may consider it the East Village, but anything below Avenue A is Alphabet City in my books. This is hardly the newest, shiniest spot on my list, but it never disappoints. While I am one to favor the classic cocktail lounge, this is a more low-key spot for friends to gather, rather than a place to get rowdy.

Perfect for: A big get-together with long lost friends.
Get: Guavas in Love
Wear: Think jeans and tees and less silk blouse with high heels.

ZZ's Clam Bar
Equal parts a restaurant, this cocktail lounge will always make my top ten list in NYC. I have yet to meet a bartender who crafts a better cocktail than the ones employed at this Major Food Group jaunt. The spot is small, like really small, with only twelve seats inside. You will definitely need a reservation way in advance, but I promise it's well worth the wait!

Perfect for: An anniversary drink between you and your partner
Get: The Pistachio
Wear: After-work attire or even a silk dress would work for this date spot.

The Skylark
This midtown spot is easy to miss if it wasn't for the constant influx of bar-goers heading inside the rooftop space. This is the perfect after-hours drinking spot, with the most incredible skyline views. Reservations are highly recommended, as this is the type of spot that is  fills up quick with a mix of locals, tourists and regulars.

Perfect: Impressing out-of-towners
Get: Prince Harry
Wear: Statement blouses, Chanel bags and chandelier earrings work at this trendy spot. 

SWEATERHellessy | PANTS: MANOUSH (sold out, but I like these too) | SHOESAquazarra | JEWELRY: Uno de 50 | HANDBAGCeline Dion (has not been released yet)

Huge thank you to the Skylark for allowing me to photograph inside their space!

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  1. Lovely picks dear. Trench coat is definitely a must for spring, and yes, I love pairing it with white Adidas sneakers too!

    Jessica |


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