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April 16, 2018

What You Should Be Wearing This Week

SWEATER: Rodarte (more affordable option here) | PANTS: Cinq et Sept (similar look) | EARRINGS: Bauble Bar (sold out, but these are great too) | HANDBAG: Jenni Kayne | BOOTS: 1 State

Spring is officially here!!! Well, it kind of feels like Spring is here with rising temps on the way! This week I'll be heading to a few events, one birthday party and two catch-up dinners before the weekend even begins leaving me with some major outfit planning. My trusted Leather jackets will be used to layer over a great basic tee, while my April wish-list will be in full effect yearning to wear pastels and lots of pink!

This week I'm thinking of wearing a bright sweater, colorful earrings and an unexpected clutch like this, as an official Spring kick-off outfit.  This might be the last week of chilly temps (fingers crossed) ,so I'll wear my booties once more and officially be done with any and all winter footwear until the Fall. 

While rummaging through my closet, I forgot all about this super-cute cropped Rodarte sweater. I purchased it a few years ago. I thought it had that Empire Records/Clueless 90s vibe to it. I originally planned on pairing it with a high-waisted denim, but alas, that never happened. It has been hiding in my drawers, locked away just because I never had the perfect occasion for its big reveal. I've now decided everyday should be a perfect occasion. No time like the present, right?!

I decided to pair it with these Cinq et Sept wide leg pants (I like these too). I love the wide leg trend and am so happy it has become a huge hit with retailers. I even purchased a pair by Ulla Johnson for the Spring.

You can pull any heeled booties from your closet for a look like this. Don't worry about buying a new bootie unless its on sale. Now is really the time to invest in a really fun bootie in a bold color or fabric choice. 

This week I'll be changing up my regular shoulder bag for a piece with multi-purpose function.  I like this Jenni Kayne option that can be worn as a shoulder bag, tote or even an envelope clutch. Here is to a fashionable week ahead!

SWEATERRodarte (more affordable option here) | PANTSCinq et Sept (similar look) | EARRINGS: Bauble Bar (sold out, but these are great too) | HANDBAGJenni Kayne | BOOTS1 State



  1. Very elegant outfit and stunning place for a photo shoot!

  2. Such a posh and edgy look dear. Love how you played with neutras, your outfit is perfect for the resto too.

    Jessica |

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