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June 13, 2018

My Top 4 Things to Do in Positano

PANTS: J.Crew | TOPFree People | EARRINGS: Lizzie Fortunato | SHOES: Alexandre Birman | SUNGLASSESYSL

When I posted Instastories of my recent honeymoon in Positano, I was bombarded with messages inquiring over what to do and where to go when visiting the island. While I may not consider myself a travel blogger, I still wanted to share some of my wisdom from my trip and offer up some tips and tricks from the recent honeymoon. Just in case you need some outfit inspiration, I created a post detailing  everything I wore on my trip to Italy.

While Todd and I did end up staying overnight at this upscale hotel, it was apparent to me you didn't need a hotel room to enjoy the amenities of this prime-time Positano hotel.  Grab a reservation for drinks at the champagne bar and enjoy the seaside views. Their restaurant La Sponda was a solid meal, but it is a pricey option and I was not convinced it was the best meal we had on the island. Either head to their champagne bar for a quiet cocktail on the veranda or head upstairs to Franco's for a more lively crowd. It all depends on what you are seeking, but either way you will be satisfied at this sceney hot-spot.

2. Capri
You cannot possibly go to Positano without taking the boat to Capri. Capri is the upscale cousin to Positano and you instantly feel the fancy vibes when docking at the port. Walk along Via Traggara, to avoid the center's chaos and take in the the floral lined streets. You may also want to check out the private beach club La Fontelina. Beware the tortuous downhill walk while trekking to the beach side spot. Lots of tourists prefer to chill here during their Capri visit as opposed to walking around through the very crowded cobblestone streets.

Among any hotel I've every stayed, Il San Pietro takes the cake. If you do anything on your trip while in Positano, take the time to drive the 7 minutes to visit this cliff-side resort. You can chill on their patio looking out at Amalfi while sipping on their famous Bellini or just enjoy the dazzling views. This would be the perfect time to book a reservation at their Michelin star restaurant Zass, as the food is wonderful and the atmosphere is truly magical. While it may be your most expensive meal on the trip, you won't regret it. 

This cliff-side beach club isn't necessarily under the radar, but I wouldn't consider it a passe tourist attraction. You can only visit La Conca del Sogno via boat transfer, which only adds to its value and mystique. Todd and I loved the fresh fish options and light pasta fare offered on the menu. Also take note the crowd is a great mix of tourists and locals alike.

PANTS: J.Crew | TOPFree People | EARRINGS: Lizzie Fortunato | SHOES: Alexandre Birman | SUNGLASSESYSL


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