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The New York Blonde page is dedicated to the New York blondes who are sources of inspiration for all fashionable women. These are the style stars, glamazons and bombshells that paved the way for the elegant and sophisticated, navigating life one stylish step at a time.

So I am not speaking to the modern, Cali-cool Gwyneth we have all come to known. This is pre-Chris Martin, before Goop was even a possibility and her brag worthy friendship with Bey and Uncle Jay existed. I am talking about the young 20-something Gwyneth who starred in Great Expectations, Sliding Doors and Emma. Before she went all main-stream, Gwyneth Paltrow was at the heart of all New York Blondes. She was unapproachable, delicate appearing, and a Hollywood socialite. Her style was duly noted as glamorous, graceful and sophisticated. I remember ogling over Gwyneth’s wardrobe in Great Expectations and admiring the throwback looks of A Talented Mr. Ripley. You couldn’t help but love her golden locks and wide-toothy smile. I mean who else can claim Brad Pitt as their first love. I think early Gwyneth still influences me today. Her sophisticated style back then somehow stayed conservative, but with risks like fuchsia velvet, charcoal eye liner and sheer turtlenecks without underpinnings. These are some of my favorite Gwyneth looks with Gwyneth shopping inspiration in case you are feeling really inspiredJ

The Wedding of Lauren Santo Domingo
(Ultimate New York Blonde Nuptials)

Before I got engaged, before I moved to the city and even before I started dating, I dreamed of having the most magical wedding. My wedding dreams came to fruition rather late in life, just under ten years ago in 2008, when one of the most fabulous weddings took place. The nuptials between then Lauren Davis and Andres Santo Domingo stand to be  the wedding of highest aspirations, a source of inspiration while I plan my very own nuptials for late next year.

It was a decadent affair in Cartegena, Colombia featuring a custom ball gown by Olivier Theyskens, international aristocrats and glamour all around. You might be thinking weddings like these are not rare in today's times. In fact, features weddings similar to the Santo Domingo event, with over-the-top festivities and fabulous affairs. But nearly a decade ago, life was different. There was no Instagram, no hashtag, and no one was posting selfies online. It was before the name Kardashian meant anything and publications were the official stamp of high-society approval. I am not looking to wax lyrical or romanticize of times before, but there is something special about this time attributing to the Santo Domino wedding.

While planning my nuptials I can't help but remain mindful of the special day that took place so long ago.  In fact, when shopping for my dress I chose a style that most would shy from. Originally in search for a fitted silhouette, I ended up with a magical gown fit for a magical day. After all it was Olivier Theyskens who said to Lauren when designing her wedding gown, "This is a special day. You need a special dress", after she originally requested a Carolyn Bessette, column like style for her wedding. Her spectacular gown was a historically stunning choice, fit for the ultimate socialite. In fact, she donated her gown to The Met, showcasing its beauty and intricate details. I am hard pressed to name any other woman in modern society who has gifted their gown to a New York institution such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not to mention, Arthur Elgort was commissioned as the photographer, nothing can really top that!

Yes, the Santo Domingo wedding was, literally speaking, one for the books; Vogue chose Lauren Santo Domino for the cover of its Vogue Wedding book. Who could possibly top that? To quote Izzy Winkler, a guest at the nuptials stated in Vogue magazine, "I don't know what anyone could do to top Lauren and Andres's wedding-except, I suppose, get married on the moon."

Carolyn Besette-Kennedy

Carolyn Besette-Kennedy was the ultimate New York Blonde. A woman who most of us only knew through pictures on television and articles in the newspapers. The innately stylish blonde broke hearts around the world when she wed the most eligible bachelor, John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1996. The classiest of appearance, she never looked over-done and was certainly never over-looked. Her style lives on in today's fashion, seen in the straight leg jeans of Brock Collection, jeweled mules of Manolo Blahnik and plain ts by Theory. Most of us hop on a trend bandwagon, only to reach the next stop to some silly product we toss after one season. Perhaps if we all looked to Mrs. Besette-Kennedy, who tragically died in a plane crash in 1999, we might be reminded that black and white is the best color combination, loafers remain timeless footwear and mens' button down shirts look sexiest on a woman. Here are some of her top style ensembles and where to find the looks below. 

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy


Gucci leather loafer
$560 -

Prada brown leather handbag
$2,135 -

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