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Finding inspiration beyond the parameters of magazine, Instagram and blogs can feel trite. As someone who is constantly searching for the latest and greatest, my eyes can grow tired of scrolling through the endless feeds of even my favorite bloggers. I fully embraced the mom jean, got on board the off-the-shoulder trend and threw caution to the wind when sporting my more masculine loafers as opposed to a more feminine ballet flat. Living in New York trends come and go, but finding a source for newness can be a challenge. I can't be the only one with this issue, so I felt it would be good to share some sources of inspiration I gravitate towards when feeling a lull sorting through pinterest boards, trend sites and blogging insiders:

Once an insider only shopping site, this e-commerce retailer now lets even an aspirational shopper like myself peruse their pages. I love sorting through the designer collections and their wonderfully curated themed shops. While my pockets may not be deep enough the purchase a $990 Johanna Ortiz top, I can certainly draw inspiration when shopping my local high street shops downtown.

Lena Terlutter may not be a name you have heard of, even with her 200K plus Instagram followers. This shop owner and blogger shares her personal must haves on her blog, including interior design picks, vacation spots and beauty buys. Owning three successful shops in Cologne, her style resonates with the girl who loves a laid back, feminine, but overall sophisticated look. Below are some pieces she highlights on her blog and be sure to check out her minime page, focusing on her adorable daughter with equal adorable style.

Hirshleifers has been a staple among the Long Island community for forever! It carries super high end designers like Chanel, Celine, Alexander Wang and Aquazzura. But beyond this fancy pants store is a blog by blogger Juliana Salazaar. You may have heard about her from her profiles on and Refinery29. The blog features a blend of high and low mixing (no low price points however), and using the pieces to make them more useful than sticking it in the back of your closet for a special night out. I love the contemporary feel of Salzaar's postings and her realiatbilty as a young twenty something.

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